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Councillor Breige Brownlee

St.James's Sinn Fein councillor Breige Brownlee was born in 1959 in the St James's area of west Belfast and still lives there to this day.

Breige is married to ex-POW Paul Norney and the couple have three children.

Breige's involvement in the republican movement began in 1972 when she was 13.

In 1977 she received an eight year sentence for possession of an incendiary device and ended up in Armagh Prison.

She joined the political status protest and then the no-wash protest in the jail.

Breige was released from prison in 1984 and became involved in campaigning against the strip searches of female POW's in Armagh jail.

She was also the mid-Falls coordinator for Sinn Fein for a time and worked in the Women's Centre on the Falls Road.

While involved in the Women's Centre she was active in campaigns around domestic violence, the misuse of certain contraceptive drugs and a campaign to increase the uptake of cervical smears due to the high level of cervical cancer in Belfast.

Breige is a member of the Paddy Brady/Francis Liggett St.James's Sinn Fein Cumann and is also a member of the St. James's residents committee, the St. James's community watch committee and the St. James's commemoration committee.